The Nativity school administration, parish leadership, and fair leadership has determined that NCF 2021 will proceed with the following changes and safety precautions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • The 2021 Nativity County Fair will be an outdoor-only event. The only exception is check cashing, ATM and first aid will be located inside the gymnasium.

  • The 2021 Nativity County Fair is following both Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and Nativity School COVID policies.

  • Nativity school policy states that masks are required indoors regardless of vaccination status.

  • MDH policy states that masks are recommended regardless of vaccination status in crowded outdoor settings (Nativity County Fair) and in areas with substantial or high transmission (Ramsey County).

  • Face coverings are required for everyone when in any indoor setting and are required for all volunteers when outside preparing, handling, and serving food and open beverages.  This is in accordance with the FDA and CDC’s best practices which is outlined here.

  • Face coverings will be readily available throughout the fairgrounds and are strongly encouraged for all other fairgoers when social distancing cannot be maintained and when in crowded outdoor settings.

  • This year's fair will be as open-air as possible in order to enable a greater degree of airflow. With the exception of the large dining tent and tents over food/beverage vendors, there will be no other tents.

  • There will be ample outdoor restrooms available for fairgoers.


Q: Why do we need safety protocols?
A: Keeping our children safe and physically present in school has been, and continues to be, the top priority at Nativity. The majority of our student population is not eligible to receive the vaccine, so these measures are the only layers of protection currently available. 
Q: Why weren’t the safety protocols communicated earlier?

A: The guidance from both the Minnesota Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control have evolved over time and depended on local transmission levels, which vary from week to week. Many other events, also attracting thousands of attendees, decided that it was best to wait as long as possible before establishing their plans.
Q: Why should anyone be required to wear a mask if they're outside?

A: The Minnesota Department of Health’s guidance is to wear masks when in crowded outdoor settings if transmission levels are substantial or high and when social distancing cannot be maintained. Please click here for guidance. Ramsey County is currently deemed a high transmission area. Due to restricted airflow and limited space for an extended period of time, enclosed or covered outdoor volunteer areas (tents) will be required to mask.
Q: What about outside vendors?  Do they need to wear masks?

A: While they are not contractually or legally required to do so, we will be asking outside vendors to adhere to the same protocol.
Q: What do I do if I am uncomfortable wearing a mask and I’ve signed up to volunteer for a shift that requires it? 

A: NCF needs YOU! Please consider wearing a mask and keeping your shift anyway or change your Sign-up Genius and shift to the many other volunteer opportunities! We need everyone to volunteer their time to have a fun and successful fair!
Q: No tents! What if it’s hot and sunny?

A: Be prepared. Bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and plenty of water.
Q: What if it rains?

A: The fairgrounds and rides will remain operational unless unsafe weather conditions emerge.  If rain is in the forecast, please be prepared with raincoats and/or personal umbrellas. Large stationary tents and patio umbrellas will not be allowed. 

 As we kick off NCF 2021 we celebrate the joy and gratitude we have for the simple things in life:
Faith, Community, Friends, Food & Good Old-Fashioned Outdoor Fun!
Thank you for all the support and generosity you bring to the fair year after year.