Grade Parties

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Grade Parties are hosted by Nativity parents and are a great way to get to know the community. Each party has a unique theme with great food and flowing cocktails. 

Food Truck Fiesta

Saturday, October 12, 2019 (location TBD), 5:00-10:00 PM, 50 guests, $25 per person

Let’s Taco ‘Bout a Party! Come join other kindergarten parents in a casual backyard fall fiesta featuring a taco food truck and margaritas! Come meet your new best friends for the next nine years!

Hosted by: Erik and Emily Thurman, Tim and Sara Schmidt, Tom Sampair, Patrick and Danielle Schneeman, Tim and Amy O’Neil,

David and Sarah Peterson

Old School College Party

Saturday, October 12, 2019 (location TBD), 5:00-10:00 PM, 50 guests, $25 per person

It’s time to kick off the 1st grade school year, ‘cause there ain’t no party like a Nativity grade party! 

Sport your favorite alma mater sweatshirt, grab a red solo cup, and be ready to throw it back old school. You bring the team spirit,

we’ll provided the rest!

Hosted by: Dustin and Tara Andrist, Morgan and Niki Catlin, Dave and Kris McCabe, Nick and Brittany McGibbon, Ben and Kate Sandvik, Bret and Kelli Snyder, Aarron and Annie Santos, Joel and Anne Wolf


Oktoberfest Party

Saturday, October 5, 2019, 3:00-8:00 PM, No guest limit, $25 per person

Autumn in Minnesota is a magnificent time of year. Come enjoy the canopy of fall colors for a beer & wine garden in the style of Oktoberfest, without having to travel to Münich. 774 Sibley Memorial Hwy will be your local fest grounds, featuring a 1959 vintage Hamm’s beer truck restored by The Growler Magazine. Enjoy festbier and wine, plus food, music, and yard games.

Hosted by: Jeannie and Matt Kenevan, Alissa and Jim Runyon, Laurie and Tom Durkin, Kimberly Gottschalk and Tommy Kueppers, Katie and Matt Olson, Kelly and Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Mike and Emily Reif


St. Patrick’s Day Party

March 2020 (date and location TBD), No guest limit, $25 per person

Whether you’re 100% Irish or just Irish at heart, put on some green and join us for a pint as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! You won’t want to miss this wee-little party as we celebrate luck, life and laughter as only the Irish can do.


Hosted by: Bridget and Jeremy Ling, Kelene and Sean Skrypek, Emily and Blair Johnston,

Esther Sobocinski, Jen and John Marshall, Nancy and Brad Hays, Suzi and Shawn Hansen


Hoedown Throw-down

Saturday, October 26, 2019 (location TBD), 60 guests, $25 per person

This isn’t your Met Galas 2019 “Camp” theme! Saddle up and join the 4th grade parents on the evening of Saturday, October 26th for a Hoedown Throw-down. Nothing says Minnesota Fall Fun like flannels, boots, BBQ, fire-pits and a barn dance! No worries—this won’t be your traditional hoedown. Dancers and non-dancers are welcome. (Important note, there will be a diverse selection of music played... hoedowns for everyone)

Hosted by: Sarah and TJ Barnes, Janessa and Ted Casper, Stephanie and Erik Johnson, Lynn and Matt Long, Sara Armstrong Nathan and Mike Nathan, Katie and Matt Olson, Katie and Joe Roedler, Stephanie and Luke Tornquist


Kentucky Derby

Spring 2020 (date and location TBD), No guest limit, $25/person

Hats and Horses, Mint Juleps and Sweet Tea! You don’t have to make the trip to Churchill Downs to experience the Kentucky Derby. Instead, join your Nativity friends and try your luck at the 5th Grade Run for the Roses! Don’t forget to sport your derby style with big hats and bow ties.

Hosted by: Joe and Andreanna Sontoya, Jim and Alice Grassman, Adam and Tara Schletz, Carl and Melissa Wangberg, Sean and Shannon Van Gemert, Chris and Alissa Salvato, Dan and Anna Diebel, Matt and Jovanna Funk, Rick and Sara Michel, Matt and Molly Michel, Mike and Brittany Runyon, Dan and Jessica Glendenning


Mystery Party

Winter 2020 (date and location TBD), 50 guests, $25/person

Need a little excitement to get through the "end of winter waiting for spring blues"? Sign up for the 6th/7th grade Mystery Party! This is not your typical mystery party...no role playing, nothing to solve...it's the party that's a mystery! Take a risk and sign up for a festive winter night full of surprises and leave the mystery part to us. Come on, live on the edge! We guarantee a good time!   

Hosted by: 6th and 7th grade parents



Finals Party

Spring 2018 (date and location TBD), all 8th grade parents are encouraged to attend, $25 per person

You made it! Come join your fellow 8th grade parents and celebrate the amazing accomplishments of your student before they head off to high school. The hosts are planning an evening of great food, drinks and fun. You won't want to miss it!

Hosted by: Deb and Tony Vannelli, Katie and David Reeder, Wendy and Matt Sargent, Laurie and Matt Walsh, Kay and Joe Rubbelke, Stephanie and Brett VanderBloemen, Jill and John Mulcahy, Jenni and Aaron Zilka, Joe and Patsy Piazza, 

John and Michelle Henningsgard


Painting & Pinot

January 2019 (date and location TBD), Kinder-8th grade moms, 20 aspiring artists, $50 per person

Don't miss this wonderful event. This is your chance to try your hand at painting a masterpiece. Join Nativity Dad and renowned artist, Joshua Cunningham, for an evening of wine, appetizers and painting instruction. Join your friends, fill your glass and create a masterpiece.

Hosted by: Sarah Aamodt, Charlotte Bovee, Isabel Geist, Jean Hoppe, Jennie Weber, Carolyn Wollan

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