Donations can also be mailed to:

Nativity of Our Lord

1900 Wellesley Avenue

Saint Paul, Minnesota 55105

Checks payable to: NCF Fund-A-Need

When asked, “What makes Nativity of Our Lord School so special,” one may say it’s the exceptional learning opportunities, the strong foundation in our Catholic faith and traditions or the great facility.  While all of those are accurate, we know that the most important thing that makes Nativity so special is our community: our students, their families and our highly committed staff. Every person makes a positive difference in our school – all are valued and all are loved.


In order to open our school doors and create a robust learning experience for those learning from home, Nativity School’s COVID-19 response had to meet monumental challenges. Temperature scanners, hand washing stations, technology upgrades, hiring additional support staff, and numerous other investments have been made to support learning in the classroom and in the homes of our distance learners.  There was no doubt that these were essential investments for our students and staff, but we need your help.  These unprecedented expenses will continue as the year progresses.


COVID-19 also is negatively impacting many Nativity families financially.  Some of these families are seeking our help for the first time to bridge their needs until they stabilize their income.  It is important that we stand by these families and their children during these uncertain times. The Nativity Scholarship Fund has been a blessing to families who need assistance so that their children can remain at Nativity School.  


A gift to this year’s Fund-A-Need will enable Nativity to continue to offer an exceptional faith-based education for our children, regardless of the obstacles.